The video that changes lives


Just returned to Australia after an epic 6 months in Europe. Nice to be home in the sunshine, catching up with Liam, Shae, Jess and my crew. Good to have a little chill time before the international adventures kick start again. I gave a talk to my local crowd at Melbourne Lair last night and […]

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Come on Euro Tour for FREE. Apply now!


Gentlemen, I’m excited to announce a unique opportunity to come with Myself, Sasha Daygame, Gareth Jones and John Cooper on the infamous Euro Tour for FREE!* this September/October. Have we gone crazy? We were always crazy but there’s method to this madness. We’ve decided to film a high quality documentary of the world’s only 10 […]

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Euro Tour.. Behind the scenes Balkan madness


Following the last Euro Tour, myself, Liam, John and Sasha decided to head deeper into the Balkans for some well deserved rest. Of course we didn’t end up getting any but did find ourselves up to various shades of mayhem. Here’s a clip of some of our random adventures, including: Sasha dunk (rare! Never before […]

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Interview with Johnny Soporno


Johnny was one of the few guys in the seduction industry that I’d always wanted to meet for reasons other than morbid curiosity. One of my earliest wings, Flowz modelled his off world harem on his “Worthy Playboy” paradigm with insane success. I have to say that I was also a little sceptical considering Johnny’s […]

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