Make Seduction Fun (3 rules)


Seduction can really be so much fun. Don’t believe me? Are you a “serious robot man” who is doing precisely what he needs to do because this person said do it and he will do it exactly “right”? This is the guy that women are incredibly uncomfortable to be around. This high standard that he […]

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Star in the Euro Tour Movie


Gentlemen, I announced this last year but the project had to be delayed. Now, Sasha and I have finalised the plans for the making of our epic road movie. Which means I can announce it publicly and put the call out for a select crew of guys to join us for the ride of a […]

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5 Continents in 2013 – here I come


Gents, 2012 was probably the most explosively incredible year of my life. Coming from a guy who does a dozen countries a year and has made an art out of living life to mind melting extremes, that’s saying something. From emerging out of a rough period where I separated from my wife, to picking myself […]

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What women want – teaser


Just finished a big week in the Melbourne Seduction scene, presenting at the 21 Convention. Awesome weekend, killer lineup and it was an honour to be the keynote speaker and getting some hefty chunks of time to rant and rave. Fantastic talk on social freedom by Liam McRae and Shae Mathews blew minds with a […]

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