Seduction in Seconds – How to pickup girls in less than 2 minutes


Have you ever experienced the situation where you meet a girl, start hitting it off and suddenly her bus arrives and she’s whisked away from you forever? Or you see a brief window of opportunity but decide you don’t have enough time to run a proper seduction and so you convince yourself it’s not worth taking a shot?

If the answer is yes, you are missing golden opportunities to possibly meet the girl of your dreams and allowing yourself to make bullshit excuses.

In this video I show you some examples of when I had less than 2 minutes with a girl but still managed to get her number. Ideally I like to spend 5 – 15 minutes with a girl I approach cold, because that gives me enough time to connect, qualify, flirt and settle into a relaxed energy with her, so we have a feel for each other’s vibe and know enough about each other to further arouse curiosity.

However when that isn’t logistically possible, by condensing my general seduction strategy I can still hit enough major emotional points to get a solid number. Keep in mind that your first impression, when done well holds immense power and that alone can be enough for a girl to think “Why not?” Liam and I were discussing this the other day and going through our personal histories could think of dozens of times when we had met girls that later became lovers in these super short timeframes.

A couple of points to note from the video:

• I observe her pace, is she walking fast, does she seem in a hurry?
• I ask her straight away what she is doing, to quickly gauge how much time I have
• Even though I don’t have much time, I don’t rush and talk fast. I keep the interaction calm and smooth even though it has to be short.
• I let her know my intentions straight away (no time for indirect seduction nonsense) and at least try to find out one interesting thing about her, so I can do a micro qualification to show her I’m not just interested in her looks.
• I try to be the one to end the interaction, so I’m not left mid sentence on the street alone

Try this out next time you see a cute girl waiting for her tram/bus/limo, it can actually be really good training for operating under pressure and becoming more succinct and tight with your game. Also, creepy as it sounds with a constant turnover of people, you could set up camp at a busy station and run the same process all day…